How do I register for classes?

You may fill out our online application and pay by credit card online.  Or you may fill out our application, print and mail it in with your payment.  Please note online payments are processed the same day.  If you  mail in your form with payment we won’t cash the check until the class starts.

How do I know if there’s room available in the class?

When a class fills, we’ll put a note on the website next to the start date.

Do you do clicker training?

Yes, we do.  We find that it is the fastest method for teaching a dog a new behavior.  However, we do not insist that our clients use any tool.  We simply ask that you try it. You’ll be amazed.  And you won’t have to have a clicker with you to ensure that your dog listens.

If my dog is over the age limit for a class but has never taken that class, should I still enroll in it?

No, you should take the class that is appropriate for your dog’s age.

Can my kids come to class and work the dog?

Your family is welcome to attend.  Young children may even work dogs out on the floor with adults holding the leash.  If you bring young children they are not allowed to run around the room.  They are welcome to help train or sit in chairs and watch.  Most parents bring a hand held game or something to help keep the young ones busy.  If the kids are very young we suggest a second adult to help watch the kids.

What if I want to sign up for a class but I know that I’ll miss a week. Can I make it up?

Yes you may, when it’s available.  However we recommend that you do everything you can to not sign up for a class knowing that you’re going to miss  a week.  Because “Life Happens”, you may have to miss another week and then you’ll miss 2

What if life happens and I miss an obedience class?

We require that you get your homework via email or  stop in and pick it up.  Missing one class is the equivalent of one week so it’s imperative that you not fall behind.

What’s the difference between Adolescent and Basic 1 obedience?

Good question, the adolescent class has more focus on impulse control, teaches go to your mat, and affords the dogs the opportunities for off leash play. Basic 1 spends more time on obedience exercises and dogs are not allowed to visit.  Because all of the dogs in adolescent are so immature, it is the more difficult of the two.

My dog has already taken basic obedience classes with another trainer, how do I know where to start in your program?

If you feel that your dog did not do really well in its last class, we recommend that you start with Basic 1.    But feel free to call us and discuss.  If you end up in a class that’s too easy for your dog’s level, we will try our best to present you with individual more challenging exercises/goals.

My dog barks and lunges when it sees people/dogs, should I sign up for a private lesson before attending a group class?

Yes, you should call for an appointment for a private lesson.  During the private lesson, we will assess your dog and try and determine why it’s  barking/lunging and create a treatment plan for you to implement.  You may need more than one private lesson to get ready for your group class.

How much should I expect to have to practice at home?

We recommend 30 minutes daily broken up into 5 to 10 minute sessions.  Also throughout the day you should be implementing “Nothing in Life is Free”.

My dog is fearful, shy, and lacks confidence. I really just want help specifically for this problem. What class should I sign up for?

If  your dog’s age is appropriate, please sign up for puppy kindergarten or adolescent dog class. If it’s older than 8 months try Obedience for Agility or Into to Agility or private lessons.

May I come in and observe a class prior to enrollment?

Absolutely, please let us know ahead of time and please do not bring your dog.

What should my dog know prior to enrollment in Agility 1?

Your dog should have already attended a group class prior to enrollment.  If it hasn’t, then please sign up for obedience for agility.

Can I receive a credit if I’m unable to finish the class for family emergencies, health…?

You are always welcome to make-up multiple missed obedience  classes in another session.  We do not give credit for multiple missed sports  classes.  Those you must make up in the same session on a different day of the week.

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