Other Training Options

If group classes are not for you or your dog try our other training options.

These include behavior problem consultations, private one on one obedience or agility lessons, and board and train.
Private Training and Behavior Consultations are ideal for:
  • Clients/dogs that prefer a one on one experience
  • Clients with challenging schedules
  • Dogs with special needs
  • Clients with unique interests
  • Dogs with aggression/extreme fear


Dogs that bark or lunge at other dogs/people, growl, snap, and show teeth, or bite can be helped with our affordable behavior problem consultations.  In this format, clients are interviewed, their dog's behavior is explained, and customized exercises are demonstrated. Clients leave the first session with a written plan to help their dogs.  Typically one to two follow ups is necessary.  And many dogs eventually graduate to group classes. Whether your dog doesn't like other dogs or people, we're here to help.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. 708.636.1998


Board and Train Services are ideal for:
  • Clients that need to jump start their dog's training
  • Clients with no time/skills to train their own dogs
  • Client's that are vacationing
  • Dogs that are already boarding at Pawsitively Heaven
  • Pawsitively Heaven Daycare dogs


Board and Train



Our methods include food, toy and life reward.  We do not train with collar corrections or force.  We do use humane consequences when necessary, but no physical corrections. Once your dog gets home, you will need to continue to reward some of the good behavior that your dog learns during its stay.

Our custom programs range from $25/day to $60 day (in addition to your boarding fees), depending on your needs. We can keep them for a few days or a few weeks.  Give us a call (708.636.1998) and we can discuss what we can realistically teach your dog in what length of time.



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