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Class Type: Agility

Dabble Agility

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Try out the fun sport of dog agility. This class is for dogs over 6 months old that are truly…

Obedience for Agility

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This is where your dog should begin its agility foundation education.  This class is for people friendly, dog friendly dogs…

Introduction to Agility 1

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Continue your dog’s foundation in this exciting sport.  This fun class will teach your dog to move through the agility…

Introduction to Agility 2

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This class is for the dog with some agility and foundation training.  Weave poles may be closed or open and…

Starter’s Agility

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This class is for the somewhat experienced dog and handler.  Your dog should be comfortable with full height equipment.  Weave…

Competitive Agility

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This class is for experienced dogs and handlers.  Current students are trialing in beginner and advanced competitions. Monday 12:15 pm…