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Group Classes

Accomplish your dog training goals

Group classes are held at our 16,000 sq ft training facility in Chicago
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5 months and older

We welcome Nancy Pritz to teach Competitive Obedience. Her attention to detail will help you and your dog ready for AKC Obedience Competitions. This class is strictly for dogs that have successfully completed Basic 2 Obedience or have instructor permission to register.

Puppies aged 8 to 18 weeks

Focus on socialization, preventing aggression and preventing behavior problems. Pups are turned loose to play in a safe, structured environment. 

Puppies 18 weeks to 8 months

Obedience includes go to your mat/place, sit, lie down, introductory heeling, wait at the door, coming when called and impulse control.

5 months and older

Focus on obedience including wait at doors/gates, sit to greet a human, heel, loose leash walking, lie down, off, drop-it, coming when called from distractions and leave-it.

5 months and older

Dogs that have had previous training. Focus on heeling, adding distractions, finish and stays with distance. AKC Canine Good Citizen components are introduced and practiced.

5 months and older

Dogs that are proficient in Basic II obedience/heeling. Follow the signs as they direct you from start to finish. Learn some challenging obedience moves along the way.